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Daylesford Nature Diary

Six Seasons in the foothill forests

In 2013, I published a book!  This beautiful little publication has sold over 1000 copies. To purchase – click on the Add to Cart button under the picture of the cover or head over to my online store here.  Below are some reviews;

Praise for Daylesford Nature Diary
“The remarkable Tanya Loos has identified key indicator species for seasonal changes and described them in delightful prose and engaging photographs. Who can resist the appeal of the puggle, an early spring baby echidna indicator?”    

Alan Reid, OAM, environmental educator and author of Banksias & Bilbies.

Attractively produced and well-illustrated… the six seasons and their features are well-described. [The stories] are short and easy to read, covering all sorts of things an observant naturalist might come across: bats, wattles, ghost fungi, mosses, greenhoods, swifts, rosellas, echidnas, wood ducks and many more.”

Roger Thomas, Nature Notes, Ballarat Courier. 

“There is much to recommend in this charming and well-written book. The author takes an innovative approach and lays the chapters out according to the seasons of the local Indigenous peoples. The resulting accounts contextualise the wildlife in both space and time that harks back to such seminal natural history classics as eighteenth century naturalist Gilbert White’s The Natural History of Selborne.” 

Review in Australian Birdlife magazine. December 2013.

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A batty visitor

A batty visitor

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